VR concerts prepare for an extended reality update

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The Future. Led by Meta Quest, Wave, AmazeVR, and Fortnite, the VR concert industry already has roped in top artists like John Legend, The Weeknd, and Blackpink and doesn’t show any signs of slowing. Expect Apple to try to boost Vision Pro sales by announcing exclusive performances on Apple TV that can only be fully experienced in extended reality.

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Even as COVID fades into the rearview, VR concerts are here to stay, innovating…

  • Festivals. Meta Quest put on the Music Valley concert series in Horizon World, featuring artists like Jack Harlow and Doja Cat.
  • Tours. AmazeVR launched the first VR tour in support of Megan Thee Stallion — playing in select theaters in cities across the US, with shows selling out at fifteen stops.
  • Merch sales. Travis Scott’s “Astronomical” performance in Fortnite raked in about $20 million, with a significant portion coming from the sale of branded in-game items.
  • Virtual artists. Wave put on a concert by Teflon Sega — a mysterious artist who’s gone viral despite only appearing as an avatar.

VR shows have mostly been used as a novel marketing tool to support a tour or album drop. But as the tech improves and becomes more interactive, it may prove to be its own thing entirely — a new gamified, entertainment platform that unlocks the creativity of artists.

That may boost the number of households that actually own a headset, which currently sits at only 13%.

David Vendrell

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