Roblox enters the creator economy

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The Future. Roblox is continuing its transformation from a Gen Z-focused social-gaming platform to a full-fledged social media platform with the launch of a Creator Fund. Mimicking similar strategies as TikTok, Reels, and Snapchat, the Fund could be an incubator to make Roblox truly an all-ages platform.

Building short-form content
As its users age, Roblox is constructing its next act.

  • It rebranded its Game Fund as a broader Creator Fund, adding $35 million in grants, with access to “in-house experts” to help with project development, per Fast Company.
  • The funds will cover any tools that expand on the capabilities of Roblox, which has moved into virtual shopping, concerts, and experiences.
  • Those who receive funds can also use IP from Roblox’s partner brands, like Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender.

One of the first projects to receive Creator Funding is Yevheniy Shestopalko’s “Clip It” — a short-form video tool similar to TikTok and Reels that allows users to make content with their avatars and media, such as images, sounds, animations, and much more.

If TikTok gets banned, will Roblox pick up some of those users? Only time will tell.

David Vendrell

Born and raised a stone’s-throw away from the Everglades, David left the Florida swamp for the California desert. Over-caffeinated, he stares at his computer too long either writing the TFP newsletter or screenplays. He is repped by Anonymous Content.


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